We at Tender Loving Carers are dedicated to providing a high quality service to our local community.

We monitor our quality continuously to review were we are and we can do to improve.
We use in house systems to manage the quality of our business (as listed below).

Complaints and Compliments procedure

Complaints Procedure

An audit process

Quality assurance team who regularly contact or visit users of service to ensure we are providing them the service that they require and are meeting all their needs. Please feel free to look at our latest QA Report for further details on Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance Report

Sent to users of service, families, advocates and professionals we work in partnership with.

Apart from our in house monitoring systems we are also regulated by the Care Quality Commission who inspects care services. If you would like to see a copy of our most recent CQC report please follow the link.

Quality Care Commission


I would just like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone who cared for my Dad over the last few years of his life. I know that you all had a positive impact upon him and made his days more enjoyable and comfortable.

TLC do wonderful work and you should all be proud of the care you provide. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.


I just want to thank you all, for the patience, kindness and respect you showed to my father whilst helping to care for him.

It ‘s not a glamorous job that you do, but, it is a very important job that makes an immense difference to people’s lives – both to the client and to their family.

It was great for me not to have to do all the “personal care” for John and to feel confident that the T.L.C carers would do it well and thoroughly.

A special thank you to Jay and Yvonne who were around for John’s last couple of days with us. They were very supportive of me and showed great care and sensitivity to John.

Best wishes and blessings to you all.



Thank to all of the staff at T.L.C.

The care that you gave to mum was 2nd to none and we can’t thanks you enough.

A special mention to Jane and Doro who not only looked after mum, but, also were so caring to me.

We are all going to miss her so much, but, she got her peaceful ending, in her own bed, in no pain and with me holding her hand.

Kind regards

S., J. and all the family.